Queen Anne’s Lace 1 – 4


Queen Anne’s lace is one of Jennys favourite plants. The Latin name is Daucus Carota which means wild carrot.

The tiny flowers are so delicate when seen on mass they almost look like a fine mist hovering above the grasses and ferns. She designed these projects hoping to capture the beauty of these sweet plants.

The hares are simple in structure using four main shades of fawn and some cream and white, the floral elements have also been simplified to add to the uncomplicated look. The fabric blends with the linen and the simple design doesn’t overshadow the embroidery.

All kits come complete with preprinted fabric, threads, needles and embellishments to construct one complete item.

Further details on each kit below.


Purchase this item and receive everything you need to embroider the design and construct the product.

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The front of the pinwheel features a young hare leaping over the top of the delicate flowers. On the back, there are more blooms, the words “Queen Anne’s Lace”  and feature fabric.

The kit includes the pins to insert into the wheel.


The front of the scissor keep features a baby hare peeping over the top of the Queen Anne’s lace looking for his mom and the back shows his mom standing anxiously looking for her baby. The inside is lined with the feature fabric. The top is rimmed with tiny white seed beads which mimic the flower heads.


Jenny designed this little project before  COVID 19 happened. She spent so much time traveling around teaching and really enjoy stitching whilst on an airplane or sitting in a motel.

The front features a young hare jumping through the flowers and on the back he’s deciding which ones to eat first.

Inside has a miniature pincushion which can be used as a ‘needle rest’. There are 4 pages of cashmere for the needlebook, the top section has a pocket to hold a pair of travel scissors or cutting wheel on a twisted cord. The whole work station folds closed and is held shut with a second twisted cord/ tassel that wraps around a button on the front.

The station has a central spine and the front and back are stiffened, sandwiching both the needlebook and miniature pincushion.


This features the hare stretching out having a well- earned rest on a warm summer afternoon.

The travel pouch with the ‘window’ is designed to hold all the other elements.

The back of the pouch is quilted with a zip opening at the front.


Pinwheel, Scissor Keep, Travelling Work Station, Travel Pouch