‘Blanche’ – The Black & White Chicken

The Blanche kit comes complete with pre-printed linen, threads, Pellon, piping, buttons, surround & backing fabric, lining, needles and step by step instructions.

The design measures 9” (23c.m.) high by 11” (28c.m.) wide and is pre-printed on linen measuring 45c.m. square. The completed cushion including the surround measures approx. 50c.m. square.

All of the elements within the cushion match perfectly creating a cushion you will be proud to have on display in your favourite room.


Blanche – The Black & White chicken is my latest design and I must say I really enjoyed stitching this one. She is worked very simply using easy stitches and techniques. The design is worked on white linen and I have allowed the fabric to be very much part of the design by not covering it all with thread. Part of the beauty of the ‘dear old chicken’ is that they are so uncomplicated yet so complex, which was my inspiration to create the project.

I couldn’ believe my luck when I was able to source the modern surround featuring chickens to make up the cushion…it looks a treat on my white wicker chair – Jenny

The kit includes all elements to embroider and construct the cushion – all you will need to add is the filling.